10 Amazing Facts about Marbella and Its Famous Residents

10 Amazing Facts about Marbella and Its Famous Residents

Whether you enjoy spending the holidays of yours in a luxury Marbella event villa or perhaps you live here all year round, you’ll be amazed at several of the facts we discovered about the town and its famous residents.

Ten fun facts about Marbella and the district include:

Marbella boasts its very own microclimate, which is actually a local zone where the climate differs to surrounding areas. If it’s raining for instance in Torremolinos, when you pass Calahonda, it’s more likely to be sunny with clear blue skies.

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A partially hidden tree on the Golden Mile, near Puerto Banus has intricate carvings of a mermaid along with a fisherman, dating back many years. The owner of the’ La Pesquera’ restaurant chain had it commissioned to go outside one the eateries of his until plans were shelved. Right before Puerto Banus, the tree is actually on the right hand side of the road. Well worth a visit!

Antonio Banderas, who owned a luxury villa in Marbella, was a football player until the age of fourteen, when he broke the foot of his. He then turned to acting and the rest, as they say is actually history!

A whale was beached at San Pedro de Alcantara in 2008 and despite the efforts of 500 folks, it sadly died. The whale was 50ft long and indigenous to the Southern Californian coast.

Celebrities who own houses near Marbella include: Boris Becker and Eva Longoria. Wayne Rooney and Vladimir Putin bought houses in La Zagaleta on the Ronda road probably the most secure complex in the planet – with their very own police force!

Truth be told, after the famous Alhambra in Granada, the second most visited place in Spain is actually the La CaƱada shopping centre on the outskirts of Marbella.

The Marbella Club was created in 1954 by Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, but the uncle of his, Ricardo Soriano (think main road through Marbella), who actually put the town on the map. He bought El Rodeo, close to the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Nueva Andalucia which saw the birth of tourism on the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol was previously known as the Costa del Viento (windy coast). With more than 320 average days of sunshine each year, Andalucia will probably have attracted thirty million tourists by the end of 2017.

The Costa del Sol has more than seventy golf courses and it is commonly known as the’ Costa del Golf.’ The Real Club Valderrama at San Roque hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup, the American Express World Championships in 1998 and 1999 and many Volvo Masters Tournaments.

The guttural accent of southern Spaniards comes from the Moors who ruled Andalucia from the 8th to the 15th century. The accent continued, even after the Moors left and the heavy dialect is still a lot in evidence today.

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