Family-friendly Dubai holiday tips

Family-friendly Dubai holiday tips

Dubai is one of the few cities that have a universal attraction and is frequented and loved by people of
all ages. A number of travel companies and tour operators provide holiday packages in Dubai. Such
packages generally contain Cheap flights to Dubai and a cheap hotel stay in Dubai. One of the 7
sheikhdoms that make the UAE, Dubai also has super amazing hotels, charming beaches, world-class
architecture and big shopping malls. Holidays to Dubai can be pretty an exotic experience for visitors on
their leisure or business trips. The city holds its past just like it greets the future. People on Dubai
holidays can have fun at the following locations.

Things to do in Dubai

Magic planet

A huge hit among the kids on Dubai travel, Magic planet is a big indoor complex that houses a number of
different rides and other attractions. It specs a set of engaging arcade games, a mini-golf course, and a
bowling alley. Magic planet Clarence Camel’s adventure zone is considered the key attraction of the
complex. Tickets to the Magic planet are not extremely costly and complement cheap hotels and cheap
flights to Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the primary indoor ski resort in the Middle East. The ski resort provides the best platform for
families looking to enjoy snowboarding and skiing in the hot month’s heat of Dubai. People, irrespective
of their ages, take part in the frolic and fun of the indoor ski resort.

Dubai zoo

The popular city zoo boasts of nearly 250 animal species. Dubai Zoo is one of the oldest in the area and
holds different endangered species, such as Bengal and Siberian tigers, gorillas, and Arabian wolf. It is
quite a famous family of tourist attractions.

Splash land


Splash land of Dubai encompasses an area of more than fifteen hectares and specs a range of water
activities. It consists of different bumper boasts and amazing water slides. After all the frolic and fun,
you can relax at the Splash lands cafe or ice-cream parlor. The location also holds a gift shop.

Souls and malls

Dubai is the city of merchants and shoppers. The area is a duty-free area and thus Dubai deals are
among the best on the planet. You name it and Dubai provides it. Be it cars, jewelry, designer apparel,
furniture, or electronics, one can have the top deal on his/her Dubai trip.

Here is our list of more top things to do in Dubai.

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