Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite monetizing methods because it can feel quite passive over time when your blog is about up correctly alongside the proper sort of content published to an audience that’s curious about what you’ve got to mention.

I won’t say that creating money with affiliate marketing is 100% passive because it does require tons of upfront work especially when you’re a complete beginner. a bit like the other sort of passive income ideas, nothing is ever fully “passive.” for instance, saving money and socking that away into your investment account would require diligence at the start to create your army of minions and watch that income grow over the years.

I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years and affiliate marketing has always been my main source of blog income. Today, 80% to 90% of my online income comes from affiliate marketing!

This is an example screenshot of only one of my affiliate earnings using an affiliate network – $50,651.43. I will be able to explain more about what an affiliate network is later during this post.

how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners
For beginners, regardless of how new or small a blog, anyone can start earning with affiliate marketing.

Of course, you’ll need some traffic for affiliate marketing to figure, but you DON’T got to wait until you’ve got 50,000 monthly page views to start out earning your first affiliate income!

I personally started affiliate marketing once I was getting around 18,000 to 20,000 monthly page views and that I REALLY wish I started a touch sooner. supported my experience, I now realize that your success in affiliate marketing really depends on the standard of your traffic!

Here’s a fast glimpse for beginners of what affiliate marketing is.

In a nutshell, you’ll consider affiliate marketing as referring products/services that you simply love and believe to your readers and followers.

This is no different than you recommending your family and friends to your favorite restaurants because you truly love the food and repair there.

In the online space, your recommendation comes within the sort of a special link (AKA referral or affiliate link). you’ll get your affiliate link once you join affiliate programs, which I talk more about later.

So, here’s where the magic starts happening.

When the reader makes a sale or signs up to something, you’ll get rewarded with a commission at NO extra cost to your reader.

For example, in my one among my personal finance posts, I prefer to say the $5 hotel plan because it speaks to readers who are trying to find ways to save lots of money on food.

Let’s take a glance at how I placed my $5 hotel plan affiliate link twice during this paragraph.

how to make money with affiliate marketing meal planning
Whenever the reader clicks into these links and signs up for the free trial, I’ll earn a little commission counting on which hotel plan they choose:

how to make money using affiliate marketing for beginners hotel plan
Based on my personal experience, affiliate marketing is extremely effective once you are 100% honest about your recommendations or product reviews. You won’t be ready to convert alright or make much money once you spam your blog posts and social media channels with affiliate links.

I love using this as a monetizing strategy on my blog because I can recommend almost any product that I feel is going to be helpful for my readers.

Plus, if I’m already enjoying the merchandiseI’ll also mention it to my readers because it could help and benefit them as well! So, it’s a win-win!

how to start with affiliate marketing beginners
To get started with affiliate marketing, I always recommend starting a blog for people that are new to the planet of online marketing. I personally started making money with affiliate marketing as a beginner using this method.

Not only is starting a blog very inexpensive (it only costs but $3 a month), but it’s a really effective way for beginners to find out the way to make money online using affiliate marketing. By starting a blog, you’ll promote affiliate offers once you write a review or mention the products you employ on your blog.

For example, once I write on my favorite ways to save lots of money, I might often recommend saving-money resources or apps I exploit to my readers. a bit like how I did with my blog post about my review on Rakuten.

Readers will only purchase or try something if they’re educated more about what that product or service is. nobody goes to randomly click on a link and make a sale if they need no idea what the offer is.

If you don’t have a blog yet, I highly recommend reading my tutorial post which will teach you step-by-step on the way to start a blog for beginners with no experience.

Once I started my blog, I learned the way to create content for my readers and applied some affiliate marketing strategies onto my blog posts.

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