The Ultimate Practical Travel Planning Guide

The Ultimate Practical Travel Planning Guide

Planning a trip can feel like both the most instigative and the most inviting part of trip. Sure, creating a Pinterest board full of gorgeous filmland is delightful, but also you start trying to figure out the factual logistics and it hits you oh god, this is so much work. Cue fear attacks. Wow, I completely just described our marriage planning process, too. Anyone differently?

But planning a trip does n’t have to be the source of constant anxiety and overwhelm! Through the times, I ’ve perfected my trip planning process, and I ’ve got it down to a fine wisdom.
Er, well, perhaps not a wisdom, but sort of like a general step- by- step figure. Breaking down each of the way to planning a trip helps me cut through the confusion and attack stuff in a practical, down to earth way. Plus, it makes me feel like the most systematized person on the earth, which is veritably good for my pride.  Rome2Rio

At the end of my planning process, I end up with a big ol’ document containing all of the information I need for my trip everything from where I ’m staying and how to get there, to what to eat. I take that document with me and relate to it constantly during my trip. And also I come home and turn it into a blog post, for you! It’s like recovering in the digital age.

By the way I ’ve completely tested this entire process on Jeremy. I actually do n’t plan utmost of our peregrination presently – he does! During our time-long honeymoon, I downloaded all of my trip planning knowledge into his beautiful gusto head, and he fully took the task off my shoulders, bless him. We both use the exact process outlined in this post.
Buckle in, cuz this is a veritably long companion. You might want to bookmark it now to source it again latterly.


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I love trip. It’s in my blood my grandmother is over 90 and has, for as long as I can flash back , been in a near-constant state of exploring this earth. So I was born with the trip bug. And because I love to travel, I also love talking about trip. Hello, I created a whole blog just to have an outlet for my trip preoccupation!

It’s through these numerous exchanges with also wanderlust- tormented musketeers that I ’ve realized commodity everyone’s trip style is as unique and different as their personalities.

Some people are robotic. Some like to have a day- by- day diary. Some are happy just exploring a megacity on bottom with no real plans to speak of. And some just want to sit on the sand and relax – doing stuff is n’t their idea of a relaxing holiday

I feel explosively that there’s no right or wrong way to travel, just different styles and preferences, all of which are valid( and only some of which are terrible, but that’s another discussion).

So, what’s our trip style? Jeremy and I prefer to plan our peregrination in advance. We ’re SOOOO not show- up- and- figure- it- out people. We tried it formerly, and the experience made us each so panicked and anxiety ridden that we swore noway EVER to do it again.

Lots of super bite, go- with- the- inflow types can swing that whole scene not us. We ’re Type A, Hermione Granger position itineraries. We like to probe and prepare BEFORE we arrive, so we can minimize the quantum of time spent in our hotel or hostel frenetically trying to figure out WTF to do.

Of course, when I say we plan trip in advance, I do n’t mean that we record out a trip diary nanosecond- by- nanosecond – that’s way too stressful. And honestly, too important work for us. Are we lazy or effective? You decide.

Striking a balance betweenover-planning and under- planning is what works best for us. We ’re like Goldilocks, except for trip. And after times of traveling together, we ’ve perfected our system. And we want to educate you all of our secrets!

Then’s the thing, though it’s gon na sound like a lot of work. But we ’ve set up that the planning process actually makes us further agitated for a trip. probing all the instigative effects we ’re going to be doing on our trip enhances our expectation, and preparing for the worst eases our anxiety.