Things I Stopped buying to Save Money

Things I Stopped buying to Save Money

I quit my job last March thanks to psychological state reasons. I’m not gonna lie, it had been one among those impulse decisions that we frequently make – since I literally didn’t think it through. I had zero savings, no backup plan but still, it had been one among the simplest decisions I’ve made.

I’ve felt tons better. No more panic attacks and everything felt lighter.

But the downside of doing that though is we went from living with two salaries to living with one (Yikes!) and since I used to be the one earning more, we actually had to form drastic changes if we would like to form the ends meet.

So, within the hopes of creating it work and in fact, give our budget touch flexibility, I made a decision to take a seat down and really look – I mean REALLY check out where and what we are spending our money on.

Doing that was a life-changer. I’ve realized that we’ve spent such a lot of money on things that we “want” or we “think” we’d like rather than spending it on the items that mattered.

That’s why today, I even have decided to collect 9 things that the majority of people waste money on – things which will easily be avoided for you to start out saving extra money.

So, whether you would like to pay off a debt or save for a family trip, isolating this stuff can assist you to achieve that. Check them out!

Stop being brand-specific

I am seriously guilty of this! I’m not getting to lie, I’m still brand specific when it involves a couple of products that i actually need (items that are really working for me) except for other things, like things that we use frequently, I choose store brands or basically anything that’s on sale or if I even have a coupon for it.

I was so surprised by the quantity of cash that we are saving on our groceries monthly by doing this.

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Cleaning supplies

I was never your do-it-yourself quite gal. on the other hand, I’ve realized that we spend many dollars annually only for cleaning supplies alone when actually we will just easily whack one reception.

Trust me, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda can work like magic. Now, I create my very own counter cleaner, toilet cleaner, and even my very own home air fresheners. They’re super easy to make, cheap, and chemical-free! That’s definitely a win-win on behalf of me.

I’m getting to write a roundup of DIY home cleaners, you’ll pin this text, so you’ll come to urge the ingredients otherwise you can simply check-in for the newsletter, I’ll keep you posted!


I mean what I say — choosing to chop our cable subscription has helped me save many dollars. we will still watch TV, we just chose to seek out a less expensive alternative — like Netflix or Hulu.

Doing this might seem hard for a few people but once you are trying it, it’s really not that bad. It’s still entertaining and that we don’t need to pay 100$ a month for it.

Stop buying items in small portions

You may think that you’re saving money by buying those small items but at the end of the day, you’re really spending quite you’re saving. I wont to think that purchasing that tiny bag of pretzels, or buying that tiny bottle of shampoo would save me money but it ended up costing me more.

So, now I’ve decided to shop for products in bulks – especially for those items that we often use. Like, shampoo & conditioner and that we just refill our current containers – this definitely saved us money!

You can do that with food too — stop buying food portions and begin buying in bulk – especially if they’re on sale. Then you’ll plan your weekly meals around them.

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Stop eating out

I admit, eating out or getting takeout can seem very appealing especially after an extended stressful day, once you just don’t have the time and energy to organize a meal but doing this together with your family constantly also can become very expensive.

So, this is often where we began to learn weekly meal planning and that we even cook in bulk too. It saves us money, time and it reduces our cravings for getting takeout – since we will just easily get something out of the freezer and pop them within the microwave.

Stop buying your coffee to travel

In our family, coffee may be a necessity. We just love our morning cup of joe – it gives us the energy that we’d like to erupt the day. we might be lost without it (that may sound dramatic but it’s true) so abandoning coffee is certainly impossible.

We might not be ready to stop drinking coffee but we will stop ordering our coffee to travel. We invested during a good kitchen appliance —helped us save a few dollars every day!

Stop buying to impress

No matter what percentage times we deny it to ourselves, oftentimes, the rationale why we find yourself buying something expensive is to impress people.

Yes, it makes us feel good – little question therein. But if you would like to save lots of money, you’ve got to form smart choices. meaning buying the items that you simply actually need and stop buying the items that you think you would like.

Stop trying to find confirmation and acceptance within society. Remember, that you simply are enough.

You don’t need to impress people with material things. Live a life that you simply want, don’t base it on the items that people want.

Shaving gel

This one is certainly not a necessity — we’ve numerous different alternatives. Why not use your conditioner instead? I mean you have already got it, right? It seriously works and it’ll prevent money.

Stop over & impulse buying

Always, always shop with intention. this is often where the list and weekly hotel plan comes in. I’ve realized that going grocery shopping without really knowing what we’ll be cooking for the remainder of the week, just results in me over buying.

We just about always find yourself wasting food, which suggests, we’re wasting money.

Now, before we go grocery shopping, we always confirm to make a weekly hotel plan, make an inventory of what we’d like, and always stick with it. That’s the foremost important part – sticking with the list!

If you would like to start out cutting your spending and save extra money, you usually need to check out what you’re buying. remember where your money goes and make smart choices.

Saving money and living with one income isn’t easy but it’s also not impossible. I’ve learned that with just a couple of tweaks and changes in our spending habits, we will even find yourself saving extra money than we anticipated.

What about you? Did you stop buying something in an attempt to start out saving money? Let me know within the comment section below or send me an email, I might like to hear from you. 

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