Top-Rated Hiking Trails in Arizona

Top-Rated Hiking Trails in Arizona

Arizona’s diverse landscape makes it a gorgeous state to explore on foot. you’ll hike through saguaros within the desert or ponderosa pines within the mountains, counting on where your travels take you. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the unique formations of the Chiricahua Mountains, you’ll expect to be amazed.

1. Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

It’s not surprising that one among Arizona’s most famous hikes is found at one among America’s most astounding natural wonders.

Bright Angel Trail takes you from the sting of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon down into the canyon. you’ll hike right right down to the Colorado River but this generally requires quite just one day.

Several points along the trail offer good day-hike destinations and permit you to form this anywhere from a half-mile hike to a strenuous 12-mile hike.

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The trail is steep and hugs the canyon wall, with huge drop-offs on the fringes . Anyone with a fear of heights might want to consider before beginning on this trail.

Bright Angel is simply one among many hikes at the Grand Canyon . you’ll choose easier trails, which can be a far better option for people with limited time or who don’t need to expend the maximum amount energy.

Conditions vary considerably by season, from icy and snow-covered within the winter to baking within the summer. the simplest time to go to the Grand Canyon for hikers is usually the spring and fall.

2. Bull Pasture/Estes Canyon Loop Trail, pipe Cactus memorial

This often overlooked park, within the far south of Arizona near the Mexico border, offers some amazing sights and a fantastic hiking trail.

The main draw for visitors to the present area may be a chance to ascertain pipe cactuses, which in Arizona are only present within the farthest southern reaches of the state.

The Bull Pasture/Estes Canyon Loop Trail takes you up into the mountains, through some incredible scenery, and offers views over the canyon, desert, sheer cliff walls of the mountains you’re climbing on, and views off to the mountains in Mexico. Saguaros and pipe cactuses line the trail and therefore the mountain side, and wildlife is abundant.

From the parking lot , the Bull Pasture trail leaves to the proper , and therefore the Estes Canyon Trail leaves to the left, and eventually these two trails connect on a high ridge.

Where they join, you will see a spur that climbs up another half-mile over steep terrain. This side spur is merely .5 miles each way, but it’s quite steep.

The trail are often done as an in-and-out hike to Bull Pasture, which is three miles trip , with 1,000 feet of elevation. Or, you’ll prefer to hike the three .2-mile in-and-out Estes Canyon Trail.

Many people join these two hikes for a loop, taking Bull Pasture to Estes Canyon trail without actually going all the high the side spur to the pasture, for a 2.6-mile loop hike.

If you’ve got many energy and do not mind the climb, do that loop and add on the side spur all the high to the particular bull pasture. Total elevation gain on this hike is about 1,000 feet.

The park describes the hike as having exposed cliffs, but these aren’t sheer cliffs immediately off the trail, and even people with some fear of heights should be fine on the trail.

3. Echo Canyon Trail, Chiricahua memorial

This land of rock pinnacles high above the desert is an independent range , off on its own, referred to as a sky island. Hiking here, along the ridges and thru the canyons, among the towering stone structures, is exclusive in Arizona.

The most popular trail is Echo Canyon Trail, a 3.5-mile loop trail with an elevation gain of 454 feet, which takes you thru the guts of a number of the foremost scenic landscape.

The trail runs through narrow passages, between the spires and thru a squeeze the rocks referred to as “wall street.” Following along a mountainside for a substantial distance, you’ll look out on to the pinnacles glowing within the late afternoon sun.

If you’re curious about a extended hike, the large Loop links several trails, including some of Echo Trail, to make a seven-mile hike.

Chiricahua memorial is found within the far southern portion of Arizona and began on its own. there’s no accommodation here, but it’s one among the simplest places to camp in Arizona.

4. Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Cathedral Rock is that the predominant landmark feature in Sedona and just begs to be hiked. it is also the location of 1 of Sedona’s famed energy vortexes.

While many of us head right down to the shores of Oak Creek to enjoy gazing up at the towering stone monument, hikers can journey up the trail to a saddle on Cathedral Rock for a spectacular hike and wonderful views.

The hike is fairly steep in some sections and can require scrambling on hands and feet during a few spots. This in-and-out hike is approximately one mile long .

For a more complete list of hikes during this area, see our article on the simplest hikes in Sedona.

If you would like a touch more adventure, Sedona’s mountain biking trails are a number of the simplest in Arizona. they vary from easy rides within the desert round the rock formations to cliffside trails high above the town.

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