All About The Surrogacy Process

All About The Surrogacy Process

While knowing the notion of surrogacy is very simple, comprehending the method is a little more difficult. Working with an experienced agency like Circle Surrogacy can assist you understand the surrogacy process and provide support when you need it the most. What is Surrogacy Meaning in Hindi

The following is a general outline of the surrogacy process:

• Surrogate and Parent Matching

• Medical screenings, surrogate drugs, and embryo transfer

• Confirmation of pregnancy

• Pregnancy, and creating a bond between Intended Parents and Surrogate

We encourage strong ties between intended parents and surrogates because Circle is a relationship-based organization.

Surrogacy is a life-changing experience. Surrogate mothers, also known as gestational surrogates or gestational carriers, are generous and altruistic people who care deeply about their families and are eager to help others. Many surrogates create lifelong ties with their intended parents, and they stay in touch long after the baby is delivered.

It’s powerful to be able to offer someone the gift of parenthood. Women who apply to be surrogates must be emotionally, psychologically, and physically ready to devote their entire lives to their intended parents.


Surrogacy is an emotionally and financially gratifying way to become a parent. Intended parents put their faith in their gestational carrier as well as their surrogacy agency. It’s a journey full of ups and downs, but the day your baby is born is difficult to describe.

Intended parents have the option of going it alone or working with a surrogacy firm like Circle Surrogacy. Working with an agency gives parents with a degree of partnership and experience that they would not be able to obtain on their own. Having an agency handle the voyage and the details allows parents to concentrate on getting ready for their baby’s arrival (ies).