All You Need to Know about Redditch

All You Need to Know about Redditch

Most people are conscious of Redditch’s rich recent history – and most of the people in Redditch have probably heard enough about how Redditch was once world-leading needle manufacturers. We’ve put together a fast list of weird facts that you simply might not remember! Redditch was once home to the most important drill on the planet – called ‘The Erie Hammer’.

It had been manufactured within the USA and shipped across to the united kingdom piece by piece because the total piece of machinery weighed 455 tonnes.

It had been used during the second war to manufacture components for the war effort, taking responsibility for the bulk of the manufacture of Britain’s aero-engine pistons.

The Romans built a road through the world that was to become Redditch in about 60 A.D. The road, referred to as Icknield Street, began at Bourton on the Water and finished at Rotherham, after passing through Derby, the world that might become Birmingham, and Alcester, which was a Roman town at the time. 

Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was born in Redditch. one among his lyceum reports forecast that he would either become a dustman or a millionaire.

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During war Two Redditch manufactured the Royal Enfield WD/RE, also referred to as the ‘Flying Flea’. The bike might be dropped in with parachutes and gliders and was designed for rapid message carrying between air and ground troops in areas without radio communications found out.

Harry Styles (also referred to as one a part of the famous UK boy band One Direction) was born in Redditch in 1994 – 30 years after the urban area was founded. Redditch’s roads were built before most of the town so as to accommodate the rapid increase.

Whilst locals love Redditch’s roads as they’re usually far less congested than most and permit for rapid journeys between different parts of the town, visitors have a habit of getting lost. Our advice for visitors? Use a sat-nav!

The Paolozzi Mosaics, large mosaics on the walls of the Kingfisher Centre, were inspected by the Queen in 1983 whilst she was visiting Redditch, and that they have received acclaim from everywhere the world

The Cistercians found out Bordesley Abbey in 1138 – and helped tame the River Arrow with an early sort of flood management scheme.

Headless Cross’ famous ‘Clover-leaf’ is one among only three of those US-style road interchanges within the UK. Something incredibly useful that’s still made in Redditch? Springs. The urban area of Redditch in Worcestershire is officially 50 years old in the week. It’s now famous for its roads and roundabouts and for being something of a pioneer in urban area development. But there’s far more to Redditch than that.

Its history is incredible, and it played a serious role in manufacturing and developing technologies around the world. Our correspondent Keith Wilkinson has compiled an inventory of fifty facts about Redditch on this 50th anniversary year. Ninety percent of the world’s needles wont to be made in Redditch. Redditch was once home to the most important drill on the planet – called Erie. The Romans built a road through Redditch (not then in existence) in a few .D 60. 

The Daleks are going to be in Redditch in August to boost money for charity. The name of Redditch is often traced back to the 13th century when it had been Red Ditch or Red Dyche. Redditch was world-famous long before it became a replacement Town. Like the remainder of Britain, the Beeching Axe fell on Redditch – round the time the urban area was starting.

But locals kicked up a fuss and one track line to the town was saved. Redditch wont to supply the planet with goods – by the canal. Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was born in Redditch. An ancient monument called Moon’s Moat was partly buried under a replacement development.

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