Online Trouble Ticket System that You can Use for Free

Online Trouble Ticket System that You can Use for Free

Welcome to the house of an open-source trouble ticket system. Use this CGI script on your internet site for everything from bug tracking and customer support to project management and to-do lists. Creating a trouble ticket is now as easy as submitting an internet form. the assistance desk software will care about assigning singular numbers to every service request and saving it to the database. Truly scalable solution: start with a clear text database, upgrade to the industry-strength MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server engine as your needs grow.

Say good-bye to mailto links and mail forms.

The “thank you for your interest” message isn’t enough today. Assure your customers that you simply have a longtime workflow and no doubt will enter regionthe difficulty Ticket Express software will automatically produce easy to follow instructions on the way to submit follow-up messages and monitor ticket progress. Then it’ll broadcast e-mail notifications to all or any service operators announcing new customer inquiry.

Getting a lot of inquiries? got to answer them with a team of agents?

This is what the matter tracking software deals with. have you ever happened to be writing an e-mail reply to a customer inquiry and once you have hit “send”, another member of your team has already addressed the problem? It happens because conventional e-mail software doesn’t support “group” mode. the difficulty Ticket Express solves the matter because it requires claiming ownership over a ticket, before ever beginning to write a solution and ensures that no ticket belongs to quite one operator directlyit’s like having a shared mailbox with advanced access control. Each e-mail message (or service ticket) has new attributes showing who is responsible and what’s the present state.

Web-based. Work from anywhere, whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or performing from home, our trouble ticket software has the tools you would like to access your customer service database. All of Trouble Ticket System features are often accessed through an internet browser on virtually any OS.

Correspondence tracking. Every trouble ticket is displayed as a sequence of messages. The status attribute shows whether the ticket is new, open, resolved, or expecting more input from the requestor.

Email alerts on every new and follow-up message.

Custom fields. Add virtually a vast number of custom fields to your mail forms.

Customizable ticket browser layout. Choose what information (including values of custom fields) you would like to ascertain while browsing the ticket list. (requires the acquisition of Layout Designer Module).

Ticket monitoring. Customers and operators are always ready to see ticket status and ticket owner info.

Unlimited operators. Create as many operator logins as your business needs.

Group Mode. Allows assigning an operator to at least one or more groups and smart ticket routing supported the ticket’s group attribute. (requires the acquisition of Groups Module).

Inventory Tracking. Allows defining an inventory of things like servers, workstations, projects, premises, cars – anything you would like to develop or provide a service for. (requires the acquisition of Inventory Tracking Module).

Highly customizable. Template-driven software for straightforward customization to match your internet site appearance.

Multiple inquiry forms. Define as many customer service forms templates as you would like.

Optional MySQL database. (requires the acquisition of add-on module). Allows using MySQL database to store trouble tickets. A specialized MySQL hosting server could be a plus to possess.

Optional SQL Server database. (requires the acquisition of add-on module). Allows using Microsoft SQL Server database to store trouble tickets.

File attachments. (requires the acquisition of add-on module). Each message may include up to three file attachments.

Answer Library. (requires the acquisition of add-on module). Allows organizing answers and quick access to common questions & answers.

Email-based submission. (requires the acquisition of add-on module). Allows submitting new tickets and follow-up messages via email. Both customers and operators may use email.

POP3 account polling. (requires the acquisition of pop2pipe script). The script emulates email piping: it polls an external POP3 account, retrieves email messages, executes an email-processing program, and feeds the message text to the program’s standard input. The script isn’t a substitute for the Mail Module! It emulates the e-mail piping feature the Mail Module must operate.

Easy translations Trouble Ticket Express may translate interface elements (messages, labels, list values) on the fly employing a loadable dictionary (CSV file).

Access code (a.k.a. captcha) to stop ticket submissions by spambots

Hidden messages to enable internal communications and actions logging.

Markup tags to reinforce messages using bold, italic, underline, code text attributes also as images and hyperlinks.

Usage reporting to watch help desk workload and operator efficiency.

Data export with an optional Export module to create custom reports using your favorite spreadsheet or analytical program.

Easy data backup and restore with optional Backup/Restore module. The module could also be used also for hassle-free server migrations and cross grades (e.g. from SQL Server Edition to MySQL Edition or Standard Edition)

Source code available. The software is written in Perl.

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