9 Qualities That Make a Good Electrician

9 Qualities That Make a Good Electrician

Electricians require the, knowledge, and talent proper spirit. They have to think on the feet of theirs, feel comfortable in a classroom, and possess precise communication skills. It is a difficult job, there is no doubt.

But being an electrician is also incredibly rewarding work which enables people who do it to live more fulfilled lives.

Have you thought of seeking out a career as an electrician? The same as in any field, becoming an electrician carries all kinds of requirements. Apparently, there are a number of literal requirements – training, ongoing education, licensing, etc. Beyond that, though, there are lots of different qualities that successful electricians tend to possess.

In the following paragraphs, we’ve listed nine qualities that the best electricians tend to have. While not every electrician or perhaps apprentice can be expected to have every one of these qualities, it’s vital that you understand that companies are searching for candidates with a lot of these qualities when they hire.

Willingness to Learn

Training is actually essential for every electrician, but not just in-the-field, hands on instruction. There’s an enormous wealth of knowledge that electricians must be familiar with, and therefore the ability to seek out, learn, and retain that knowledge is actually key.

Since the physical forces that electricians work with are very powerful (and) that is dangerous, safety is actually paramount. The best way to learn the practicalities of safety is actually through formal classwork and studying.

In addition to safety, most electrical apprenticeship programs require four years to complete. In Texas which includes 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Many apprenticeship programs also include 500+ hours of classroom training. Once training is actually complete, the apprentice must fill out an application and pass a journeyman electrician exam to be a journeyman electrician.

Electricians must, therefore, show an ability to learn and study in a more-or-less academic setting.

Physical and mental Aptitude

Electricians work with electricity, of course, and electrical energy is actually nothing less than pure physics. A great electrician, then, has an interest in subjects as math, science, and physics.

Beyond intellectual aptitudes, an aspiring electrician must also possess very good hand/eye coordination and skill, and the ability to improve. Because of the nature of wiring and wires, electricians must also definitely have the ability to correctly identify the color of a wire. Disastrous results could follow, or else.

Ramirez went on to describe the various aptitudes that these 3 types of electricians have. Construction electricians are actually on a new job site all day installing new systems, bending pipe, and pulling wire. Maintenance electricians are actually good at troubleshooting existing electrical systems (something a construction electrician may not be very good at). Lighting electricians are actually great with any kind of lighting systems, i.e. HO or neon or perhaps LED lamps and all the troubleshooting that’s essential to fix a system.

Great Communication Skills
Whether you intend to work independently, or perhaps within an established organization, the ability of yours power to communicate can make or perhaps break the career of yours as an electrician. You’ll be working with a big range of some other job titles and personalities – architects, crews, managers, contractors, etc. – so it is crucial you have the ability to get your ideas across effectively.

Which means good verbal skills, excellent reading comprehension, and the ability to write your ideas and thoughts clearly. If the clients of yours, colleagues, and supervisors cannot understand you, not only will you struggle to get the job done, you might be placing folks in danger.

Sense of Adventure Do you think it will be enjoyable to rappel down the side of a skyscraper, hundreds of feet of open air hanging beneath you? Would you jump at the opportunity to climb across high tension wires? Are you searching for a profession that will come with the chance to do things you have never even dreamed you might do?

Customer Service
Electricians are actually an extension of the company they work for (even in case it’s the own company) of theirs. They’ve independence, that is essential to making electricians so good at what they do. Nevertheless, most of the time, an electrician is actually working on a customer job site. Whether that work is actually installing lighting in a school or perhaps running wiring for a chain of restaurants, the staff members at the job site will usually see the electrician from the time they arrive to the time they leave for the day.

Time Management
Not merely are electricians independent folks, but the task is normally an independent one, in and of itself. You’ll be provided with a task, then likely to manage yourself to its completion.

To be able to achieve success, you have to be on time every time. And it is necessary you manage your time very well, constantly. This’s a hard-to-learn skill, but also an extremely valuable one.

Guts, determination, tenacity: all of these’re needed for an electrician. As we said earlier, this’s a profession that calls for independence and power. Part of this means you have got to have the sheer doggedness to see a tough project through to the end.

There are numerous pressures which can influence a job – from the laws of physics, to other folks, to the weather – and you need to be in a position to navigate through all of them without giving up.

Team Player
Working carefully and methodically is how electricians stay safe. The majority of the time electricians are actually working with other electricians or perhaps contractors on the own team of theirs, or perhaps on some other teams.

It’s incredibly important that electricians work well with others. There’s way too much at stake for an electrician that doesn’t work effectively with others to achieve the final goal of a successful project.

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