Best Islands to Visit in Greece

Best Islands to Visit in Greece

Welcome to paradise! One of the more beautiful spots on the Mediterranean Sea is Greece is a vital destination for everyone. You most likely already know what a beautiful country it’s, but you may not understand how many various places there are actually to explore.

Greece’s nation is actually made up of an incredible 6,000 islands dotting the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Of these islands, just more than 200 are inhabited.

Yes, you read that right!

While I would love to see them all someday, there are only a dozen islands that make up the center of the Greek islands that we know and love. I first visited Greece during The Yacht Week, and it was love at first sight. The individuals, the beaches, the food, and the laidback way of life will pull you in, and you will never want to leave.

Nevertheless, which are probably the best Greek Islands to visit?

All of it will depend on you and what you are searching for! From party havens to deserted beaches, you are going to find a little bit of everything here.

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While it’s technically not an island, Athens is generally the jumping-off point for just about any Greek adventure. With a history dating back to five BC, Greece’s capital city is actually one of Europe’s great historical centers. There’s just SO much for just about any history buff to take in.

Wander the Acropolis, Parthenon, and other breathtaking archeological sites to soak it all in.
I always recommend checking to see if there’s are actually walking tours of any new city you visit, and Athens is actually no different. The tour I took lasted more than 3 hours and took us to all the archeological sites in Athens. It was certainly the best way to get to know the city.

3 days to explore Athens is actually perfect, and you may even see the key points within forty-eight hours. It’s a beautiful city, but you will want ample time to explore the islands.

When you’re looking for a great party on the Med, Mykonos is actually the final destination. Dance the night away, wake up at noon, then lounge in the sun until you’re prepared to go again.

Mykonos is designed for the party-hearty, so come ready. Here’s the rundown of mine of the greatest beaches and party spots on the island.
After partying it up here, I came back later for a romantic getaway with the guy of mine and stayed in the Myconian Collection for a more chill time.

When you see those Greek postcards of white buildings glowing in front of an endless turquoise sea, you’re probably looking at a shot of Santorini.

For a quintessential Greek getaway, this’s the ideal spot for first-time visitors.

It’s definitely one of the most romantic places in Greece. When you are going with a special someone of yours, there are a couple of must-visit places for couples Santorini. When you are looking for ultimate romance or perhaps a dreamy place for a getaway with the honey of yours, definitely check out the reviews of mine of Andronis Boutique Hotel and Andronis Arcadia.

Greece’s largest island, Crete, is actually among the islands farthest from the mainland. Because of this, it tends to get fewer visitors. BUT this place has a great deal to offer, particularly in case you’ve some time to check out the vast terrain of this dynamic island.

In case you’re looking for a luxury getaway, Corfu is actually the island for you. You will find gorgeous resorts and villas dotting the coastline, which has all you have ever dreamt of.

For a honeymoon or perhaps girlfriend getaway, look no further.
Corfu is actually a prime choice for cultural vultures too. Having been under Venetian, French, and British rule, the island has created a distinctive culture. If you like luxe resorts but also love to check out the local scene, this’s the Greek island for you.

The Cyclades group is actually home to several of the key Greek archaeological ruins and places of mythological lore. Located in the Aegean Sea, Naxos is probably probably the biggest island of the Cyclades; it has some great beaches.

In case you like water sports, this’s a perfect spot. It gets much more wind than other Greek islands, so windsurfing, kitesurfing, and plain old surfing are actually popular here. You will look for a selection of schools that’ll enable you to get moving on the water.

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