What Is Involved in a Service Panel Upgrade

What Is Involved in a Service Panel Upgrade

The primary service panel in a house is actually responsible for distributing the new electrical current between multiple circuits, each with its own circuit breaker for convenience and safety. As your electrical requirements evolve and the service panel of yours runs out of the space and capacity to meet your needs, it will become essential to upgrade the service panel in the Minneapolis home yours.

Below are 3 things you must know about the process before you choose a service panel upgrade:

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1. When You need to Upgrade the Service Panel
Service panels can last almost indefinitely with ongoing breaker replacements, but that doesn’t mean that they’re appropriate or safe for the requirements of the home yours. Some service panels use unsafe or outdated designs no longer supported by the manufacturers or perhaps eligible for homeowners insurance. Others might be damaged, or perhaps they might not have sufficient capacity for the current load requirements. Below are 5 indications that it’s time to upgrade your service panel:

The service panel doesn’t have enough open circuits for the needs.
You have to upgrade to 100, 150, or perhaps 200 amp service to operate high-demand appliances.
The panel shows signs of other damage, corrosion, scorching, or arcing
The service panel lacks the main shut off breaker or perhaps uses fuses
One or perhaps more sub-panels have been added
The panel or perhaps wiring is obsolete or old
The panel is actually generating too much heat or perhaps making humming or perhaps buzzing noises. It also could be some time to think of a service panel upgrade, along with rewiring services, in case you’ve frequent problems with flickering or perhaps dimming lights, frequently tripped breakers, or perhaps in-wall wiring that becomes excessively hot.

2. What’s Involved in a Service Panel Upgrade
When you choose to upgrade your service panel, you will need to call a licensed electrical contractor. They are going to send a qualified electrician to the home of yours who will:

Evaluate your home’s power needs
Select the ideal panel for the job
Install the panel and circuit breakers
Connect the individual circuits
Fully test and document the system In case you have to update your electric service to a higher current rating, such as 150 or perhaps 200 amps, the contractor may have to coordinate with your local utility to install the appropriate cables, meter, and other equipment, which might take longer to arrange.

3. Why It’s Wise to Plan for the Future
Discuss your current and future electrical needs with your electrical contractor. Although you might not require them right now, reserving capacity and space for features like an outlet for an electric dryer, a high current supply for a welder or perhaps air compressor in the garage, or perhaps a charging port for an electric vehicle could save expense and trouble considerable in the future without costing way too much added now. Additionally, consider adding features like whole-home surge protection to keep sensitive electronics safe from power spikes and full circuit arc fault, or perhaps GFCI protection for enhanced safety in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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